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Almanac Script

Page history last edited by Joshua Pepper 13 years, 2 months ago

 This VBScript reads the calendar files every day at local noon, and prints out the calendar information for that upcoming night to the almanac file.  The line from the calendar file is written as a column in the almanac file for ease of access.  The elements and their formats in the almanac file are:


  1. Current Date                                 MM:DD:YY
  2. JD at SAST midnight                      #######.#
  3. LMST at SAST midnight                 HH:MM:SS
  4. Sunset  SAST                                HH:MM:SS
  5. Astronomical twilight SAST           HH:MM:SS
  6. Astronomical dawn SAST              HH:MM:SS
  7. Sunrise SAST                                HH:MM:SS
  8. Astronomical twilight LST             HH:MM:SS
  9. Astronomical dawn LST                HH:MM:SS
  10. Moon rise SAST                             HH:MM:SS
  11. Moon set SAST                              HH:MM:SS
  12. Moon illumination percent             ## 
  13. Moon RA at midnight SAST            HH:MM:SS  
  14. Moon Dec at midnight SAST          HH:MM:SS   



Abbreviations are: JD - Julian Date, LMST - Local Mean Sidereal Time, LST - Local Sidereal Time, SAST - South African Standard Time


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