We have a Rittal computer enclosure, with a door-mounted air-conditioner, to keep the electronic components (control computer, external hard drives, UPS) at a safe temperature and free of dust.


The encolsure air conditioner thermostat is set to keep the interior cooler than 25 degrees Celcius (77 degrees Farenheit). 


Details on the installation of the enclosure are shown below the break.




We have installed the enclosure in the KELT building.  We had to drill holes in the sides to allow the power and data cables through.  Here is John drilling the holes.





One the holes were drilled, we filed down the edges and places some plastic tubing to protect the cables passing through.  Here are the cables from the transformer and the UPS.  Although the transformer and the UPS fit easily inside the enclosure, the cables attaching them are large, heavy, and stiff, and we could not fit them inside the enclosure, so these holes allow them to connect.  We will fill the back hole with insulation once we have a final setup.





Here are the UPS and transformer installed in the lower part of the enclosure.





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