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First Light

Page history last edited by Joshua Pepper 11 years ago

KELT-South achieved first light on September 30, 2008.  It was a beautiful night at Sutherland, with clear skies and very little moon.  The first light image is shown here, in all its 26 degrees by 26 degrees glory.





If you want to explore the image, click to save it on your computer (it is a jpeg) and zoon in.  You can see how the star profiles (called Point-Spread-Functions, or PSFs) change from one part of the image to the other.  A detail from the center of the image is here.  It shows a section of the image of about 2 degrees by 1 degree.




Here are two more beautiful images from that night.  We have made no adjustments to the images, such as dark-subtraction or flatfielding.  The first full-size image shows the Galactic center with a 15-second exposure time.  The second image is also full size, with a 2-minute exposure time, showing both the Small and Large Magellanic Clouds.  These two images are quite large, you can click to save them and explore all the detail on your computer.



Here is a full size jpeg of the above image (14MB).  The file lacks the .JPG extension because of a bug with the wiki, just rename the file once it is downloaded.




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