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KELT-South Wiki Collaboration and Information Site


This is the collaboration wiki for KELT South.  The KELT South project consists of an automated telescope that is being installed at the SAAO observing site in Sutherland, South Africa in 2008. The purpose of the project is to discover transiting extrasolar planets around stars in the brightness range of 8 < V < 10 mag, although the observations should yield a great deal of additional science. 



This site is an old wiki page with a great deal of technical and expired information.  For current information and updates about KELT-South, please go to the main KELT-South website here.




Check Deployment Status - See the First Light Images!


KELT-South Status

Project Timeline 


System Components

System Relationships and Operations



KELT South is currently being deployed at Sutherland, South Africa.  This great picture taken by Rudi shows the KELT-S building in Sutherland at sunset, with the SAAO 1-meter telescope in the background.






Here are photos and other information about the KELT North Telescope.


file transfer

For questions about this project or the website, please email joshua.pepper@vanderbilt.edu.



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