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KELT Lodge

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The KELT-South telescope is located in a custom-built building to protect it from the elements and to hold the various System Components.  The building has a roll-off roof, cowlings to allow airflow through the interior, power and network service, and interior lights.  There is also a Flatfield screen attached to the underside of the roof.  For photos of the construction of the KELT building click here.


There is a rain sensor attached to the building that serves as a redundant safety feature.  Normally, the control computer will automatically monitor the weather feed while the roof is open to ensure that there is no danger of rain.  However, if the feed should be wrong or if the computer check does not work correctly, the rain sensor will trip on contact with water and immediately close the roof.  Below are pictures of the sensor.  It is angled towards the West, which is the direction from which storms typically approach in Sutherland.








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