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The KELT building roof and lights are controlled by the Control Computer, through the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).  The PLC sits inside the KELT building, and have manual controls for a local operator to open and close the roof and control the lights.

The PLC also monitors the rain detector and the roof limit switches.



PLC documentation


Intelligent Roof Controller for KELT-S.doc (start here for introductory overview)

KELT-S PLC command structure.xls

KELT PLC installation and testing manual.doc

KELT-S PLC communication Protocol.doc



PLC Circuit and Block diagrams



KELT-S PLC block diagram.bmp (10MB)

KELTS-S Roof controller circuit diagram.jpg

KELTS-S Roof controller circuit diagram.bmp (10MB)




Other PLC Documentation


DELTA PLC IO Definitions.doc 

DVP communication Protocol.doc

Original PLC Proposal.doc


KELT PLC Parts Order.doc

KELT-S Roof Controller parts list.xls




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