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Project Timeline

Page history last edited by Joshua Pepper 12 years, 2 months ago

This timeline is provisional, and may be adjusted at any time.


Update March 17, 2008:  Adjusted schedule to reflect June deployment.

Update May 1, 2008:  Adjusted schedule to reflect July deployment.

Update Sept 10, 2008:  Adjusted schedule to reflect reality of deployment to Sutherland, laughing at the optimism of the expected June deployment (see above).

Update August 3, 2009: Noted changes since last summer



Timeline for deployment of KELT South Telescope
2007 Nov - Dec Construction and lab testing of telescope in Nashville
2008 Jan 21-22 Deployment of telescope to Dyer Observatory
2008 Jan 22 - July 5
Sky testing of telescope in Nashville
2008 July 7
Ship all telescope components to Sutherland
2008 end of August Josh and David arrive in Cape Town
2008 August 29 - October 6
Construction and testing of telescope at Sutherland
2008 October 6
Commencement of first KELT South observing season (fingers crossed!)
November - January First Campaign - observations of open cluster Blanco 1
2009 January - March Second Campaign - observations of Southern Field 1
2009 March Removal of camera for upgrade
2009 August Return of camera to South Africa


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