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Who's Who in KELT

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These are the people involved currently in the KELT-South project, and people who have contributed to the project: 


KELT-South Team


Joshua Pepper - Project Director


Joshua is a research assistant professor at Vanderbilt University.


Rudi Kuhn - KELT-South team member


Rudi is a graduate student at the University of Cape Town.  He is working on KELT-South as part of his Master's Thesis.  He has preformed much of the instrument testing and programmed most of the telescope control software.


David James - KELT-South team member


David is an astronomer at the Cerro Tololo InterAmerican Observatory, located 500km North of Santiago in Chile.  He helped build the telescope while at Vanderbilt, and continues to work on quality testing and data analysis at the CTIO. His primary scientific interests in the KELT project are transiting extra-slar planets and rotation distributions in young (<1Gyr) Galactic open clusters.


Keivan Stassun - KELT-South Team member


Keivan is a professor at Vanderbilt University.  He assists with project management, funding, and strategic planning.



Other Contributors



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